I asked Chas to refinish my grandmother’s Victorian china closet and sideboard.  The original finish was badly deteriorated on both pieces, but it was evident that they originally had a combination of honey-colored and walnut stains. I couldn’t imagine how they could be restored while maintaining both tones, but Chas did it beautifully.  I was very impressed with his work and also with how much Chas cherishes the pieces he works on and the tender care he gives them.  Thanks so much, Chas!


“Chas did an excellent job of refinishing our old clock.  It was given to us by our grandfather and dates to about 1850.  We gave it to Chas in at least 10 pieces.  We still can’t believe what a transformation it took.  It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you Chas.”

Tom and Debbie 

“When I heard from a friend of the work that Chas does, and saw her cherry dining room table that he did, I knew my dresser was in the right hands.  I have had Chas refinish a house full of antiques and he hasn’t let me down yet.”


“A close friend told me of Chas’ work on her antique furniture so I called him.  He worked on our walnut chairs that were give to us by my father.  I really can’t believe how sturdy and beautiful they are.  He really has a gift with furniture.”

Mary and Larry 

“I gave Chas my hoop back chair that somehow had disintegrated when a friend sat in it.  Chas told me the glue he uses is pretty incredible and it really is.  I now have a new chair and still have the old friend.”


“We recently found Chas in the yellow pages and live in Divide.  We’ve had a lot of furniture that was given to us from our parents.  He gave us a reasonable bid over the phone.  We brought him an antique footboard, headboard, chair and dresser.  In about two weeks everything was finished and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I had him do it all.  It all looks beautiful.”

Ruth and Al